The Ministry

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ is a new creation. The old life if gone; a new life has begun.
— 2 Corinthians 5:17

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The story behind Canaan Albright Music is born out of gratefulness for having been rescued from herself by the grace, mercy and love of Jesus Christ. Feeling lost and abandoned on the difficult and painful journey of her past, Canaan writes and sings about the miracle of being loved back to life and purpose in both her song and story.

Canaan serves as the Director of Worship and Creative Arts at Friendship Community Church in Nashville, TN.  She has been leading worship for over 14 years in local churches. Early in 2013, Canaan began to see how God wanted to use her story and gift of music to reach more people. She began writing; music, lyrics, a blog…her story. Now Canaan is beginning to tell her story in churches around the country.

I am more positive than ever that God wants me to be His mouthpiece. Pain cannot be wasted, so I am going to use everything that has happened in my life to bring hope and healing to people through God, just like He gave to me.

Canaan is available to share her story and lead worship at your church or event.  Her desire is to bring people on this journey of healing and she knows what has happened to her has happened to so many people.  Her heart is to share hope to those who have lost hope.